Google is renewing its popular Maps app with new looks and features for its 15th birthday anniversary celebrations.

As announced on February 6, 2020, on the Google blog, Google this week celebrates the 15th anniversary of its Maps platform with a new look for the Google Maps app, as well as a new app icon.

Google Maps New Icon on it's 15th Birthday
Google Maps New Icon on its 15th Birthday

Google said the updated app with new look and features will begin shortly on iOS and Android devices.

This time, Google has placed more emphasis on discovery and recommendations with three new tabs at the bottom of the screen: “Saved, Contribute” and “Updates“. The “Commute” and “Explore” tabs will persist, whereas the “For You” button will be removed.

A new aspect is coming to Google Maps, starting with the removal of the hamburger menu. Instead, the app will display two other tabs at the bottom for a total of five. Here’s what each tab has to offer.

  • Explore: Here you’ll find new places based on your personal recommendations. Here you can also search for restaurants as well as their reviews and city attractions.
  • Commute: This tab helps you quickly find the best way to go home or return to work, by car, by public transport or on foot.
  • Saved: Here you will find the saved places and locations, reservations and plans for future travel. You can also share recommendations to friends from the places you’ve visited.
  • Contribute: Here you can leave place reviews, share address details and add missing business hours.
  • Updates: This is a feed stream of trendy places near you. It will help you discover nearby places and contact businesses for answers to your questions.
Google five tabs provide easier access to everything you need in Google Maps
Google five tabs provide easier access to everything you need in Google Maps

The transit functionality has also been updated. In addition to real-time arrival times and overcrowding forecasts, Google Maps will offer new aspects of public transport travel.

Google Maps will also add information on public transport. For example, Google Maps will be able to show how crowded public transport is. It also indicates whether the public transportation system has accessibility options. And in some countries, it will say if public transportation has a separate section for women, particularly in Japan and India.

Transit passengers and riders will now be able to see the temperature in advance so they can predict whether they should dress cool or bundle up. New accessibility information is also available that allows passengers to know which train or bus lines offer accessible entrances and whether there are attendants who can assist passengers with disabilities.

Google will expand its availability of Live View navigation in the coming months. It plans to activate new features and functionality for Live View.

Google Maps has already received criticism for the storage of user data. In October 2019, Google released a series of new privacy tools, including a mode that allows you to reduce the recording of where you are going or where you have been and pause sharing your location.

But functionality has important limitations. “Enabling the Incognito Mode on Google Maps does not affect the way your business is used or registered by Internet service providers, other apps, voice search and other Google services,” said the company in a message.


The update should have already rolled out in your Google Maps app and those who have not already received it are requested to check their devices and update the app manually. Do not forget to follow SetBlue on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Image Credits: Google

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