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Google Chrome 86 is another strong update from Google. Combined with the usual enhancements under the hood, Google Chrome 86 helps you quickly change vulnerable passwords and protect you from websites that waste your CPU and battery resources in the background.

Google released Chrome 86 on October 6, 2020. Chrome will automatically install the update the new version or ask you to install it manually. If you do not want to wait, you can find and install the update by clicking Menu> Help> About Google Chrome.

Easier to reset vulnerable passwords

  • Google Chrome can check if your passwords are compromised and notify you.
  • Starting with Chrome 86, Chrome’s password manager now has a quick “Change Password” button that will help you change leaked passwords.
  • This will take you directly to the password reset page of the website, which will make the process much easier.
  • Currently, this feature is available for websites that support the “well-known URL for changing passwords” format which was first introduced by Apple in Safari and adopted by many websites since then.

Throttling to the background tab

  • Originally intended to be included in Chrome 85, background tab throttling is available in Chrome 86.
  • Tabs that runs in the background are limited to a maximum of 1% of CPU time after being idle for five minutes or more.
  • Tabs are allowed to “wake up” once a minute in the background.
  • Hope the feature improves performance when you have a lot of tabs open at the same time.
  • Google always strives to limit CPU usage from open tabs.

Warn Users of Insecure Forms on HTTPS Pages

  • Secured HTTPS encryption is widely used these days, but less secure HTTP content is still visible on secure pages on the Internet.
  • Chrome 86 will start notifying you when you are about to enter information on an unsecured site.
  • Previously, Chrome displayed a lock icon in your address bar when you were on the HTTPS site.
  • HTTPS sites that use HTTP forms will not display the lock icon, but Google has determined that this is not an obvious way to display the warning.
  • Chrome will display a much more visible message “This form is not secure” with red text below the form fields.
  • If you submit an insecure form, you will see a confirmation page warning you “The information you are about to submit is not secure” and encouraging you to return back.

Better focus highlighting

  • For people who navigate Chrome with a keyboard or other assistive technology, the focus indicator highlights selections while scrolling the page.
  • The focus indicator clearly shows what you select. Chrome 86 makes some improvements to this.
  • First, a new CSS selector allows developers to adopt the same focus indicator mode as browser users.
  • The second is a user parameter called “Quick Focus Highlight”.
  • This is the second focus indicator that appears while the page with CSS has disabled focus styles.

Uniform icons in Chrome OS

  • A small change to Chrome OS 86 will make app icons more consistent.
  • Every app icon, whether Android apps, Chrome apps, or progressive web apps, will be round.
  • Any app without a background will automatically be placed on a white round icon.
  • Most people will not notice this change, but it makes things more consistent.
  • It also complements Google Pixel phones.

Android gets a new menu overflow

  • Speaking of Android, Chrome for Android gets a new menu overflowing in Chrome 86.
  • First of all, most of the entries have icons, for the most part, making it more visual.
  • Second, the menu is divided into four sections, sharing similar options.
  • Finally, the shortcuts at the top of the menu have a darker grey background, which presents icons only to separate them from other entries.
  • All of these changes make the menu a little nicer and the options clearer.

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