Twitter is actively known to release new products and features. But if you are managing a business or account for a public figure, Twitters’ latest addition may be of interest to you. Let’s take a brief overview of the introduction to Twitter profile for professionals.

Soon, users will be able to choose “professional accounts”, giving them additional tools to spotlight their profile, quickly promote content with ads, and capitalize on Twitter’s future e-commerce efforts.

Businesses can now request a professional profile on Twitter, which offers access to some exclusive features.

A small group of businesses have been testing Twitter’s new professional profile option over the past six months in the United States. After first launching with a small test group, Twitter is now opening Professional Profile Application to all interested businesses.

Twitter is now ready for a big release. In the past, Twitter provided businesses with access to a professional profile via invitation only.

Twitter now has an application form that businesses must complete if they are interested in updating their profile.

What is a Professional Twitter Profile?

Professional Twitter Profile is a free upgrade to Standard Profiles and is available as an option for professional account holders. You can use a professional profile to display information that you cannot provide with a standard profile.

To be eligible for a professional business account, users must not have any history of repeated policy violations and must be real, with the account name, bio, and profile picture. This means that fictional characters, spoof accounts or fake accounts are banned and not allowed.

Twitter Profile for Professionals
Source: Twitter

Companies, publishers, developers and creators can add the following information on their updated profile page:

Location: Indicated directly in the profile and displayed visually on a small map. People can tap the map/location list to open Google Maps and get directions.

Hours of work (optional): Shows the days and hours when people can interact with your company in a physical location.

Contact method: The contact option allows customers to contact your company by one or all of the following methods:

  • Phone call
  • Text message
  • Twitter Direct Message
  • Email

This set of information is called the “about module“.

Who is eligible for a professional Twitter profile?

Not all users have the option to switch to a professional business account yet. But when it’s available, users can find the Twitter for Professionals tab by opening the sidebar in the app’s home timeline.

To qualify for a professional profile, you must first have a professional Twitter account. You can convert a Standard account to a Professional account by selecting “Switch to Professional” on the Settings screen. From here, Twitter would guide through the proceeding steps.

In addition to a professional account, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Your business must have a physical location where you interact with clients or customers.
  • Your business must be based in the United States and use Twitter in English.
  • If these criteria are met, you can continue the application process.
  • Please be aware that any business can submit a request, but Twitter will review all incoming requests to ensure that the business qualifies.
  • After submitting your application, Twitter will contact you by email to confirm or deny your eligibility.
Twitter Professional Profile Modules
Twitter Professional Profile Modules – Source

Twitter also specified on their FAQ page that you can convert your existing Twitter account to a professional account. For starters, you can’t create a new professional account, and Twitter has no intention of doing so at this time.

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Source: Twitter

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