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Users of WhatsApp for Android can now choose to lock the application, with their fingerprints as authentication, to unlock it later.

The unlocking feature promised by WhatsApp is now available on Android. This is part of the way Facebook is consolidating its security goals and eliminating privacy breaches on its platforms.

Speaking of violations, there were a number of complaints from users who were personally violated by family, friends, and colleagues. And this caused them much damage. These use cases had to occur because there was no other option to lock the chat conversations than to delete them permanently. And in most cases, removing chat conversations may not be the solution.

At the end of October 2019, WhatsApp announced the launch of Fingerprint Lock for Android. With the move, the Facebook-owned company finally brings biometric authentication to the Android application, iPhone users enjoy both Touch ID (fingerprint recognition) and Face ID (face recognition) since February of this year with this feature, Android users can now lock the app automatically and only with their own fingerprint. This decision came at a time when WhatsApp hit newspaper headlines with recent piracy and spin-offs, including a lawsuit against spyware manufacturer NSO Group, which would make hacking possible.

WhatsApp fingerprint lock for Android

whatsapp fingerprint feature
WhatsApp fingerprint feature

Just like the Touch ID feature enabled for iPhone users, WhatsApp for Android users can now choose to lock the app – with their fingerprints as authentication to unlock it later. Users can also choose how long the app will lock automatically, from closing, up to 1 minute and 30 minutes. Users will also be able to choose whether the content of their messages will be visible in notifications, including the sender of the message.

However, this is going to change now; According to the WhatsApp announcement, there will be an option to fingerprints unlock, different from that of the normal phone, which will be activated in the application configuration menu to protect your messages.

To enable the WhatsApp fingerprint lock for Android, users must visit Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock. After enabling the Unlock with fingerprint option, they will need to confirm the fingerprint identity. The functionality should soon be distributed to Android users worldwide.

WhatsApp for iOS currently has an additional function: users can also choose to use the face ID as a means of biometric authentication. As for Android, this feature first appeared in beta in August and the company announced its distribution to users of the stable version.

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