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WhatsApp is coming up with some new features: Self-Destructing Messages & Call Waiting Support.

WhatsApp Self-Destructing Messages:

Two years ago, WhatsApp introduced the “Delete for Everyone” function on its platform, introducing a 7-minute limit for message deletion. The company has gradually increased its limit to over an hour. Now, Facebook’s social messaging company is working on a new feature that would allow WhatsApp users to set a self-destruct limit for sent messages.

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is working on a function that will automatically delete messages after a user-defined timeout, according to WABetaInfo, a fan site that tests new WhatsApp features at an early stage.

Renamed “Delete Messages” from “Disappearing Messages”, the function is currently being tested in Beta mode.

“In the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.282 update, we presented a new feature under development called Disappearing Messages, that will automatically delete messages after a certain period of time. The feature is still under development, and WhatsApp is starting to work again on it in the 2.19.348 update, where they renamed Disappearing Messages to Delete Messages. When enabled, the feature can be toggled in Contact Info or Group Settings (only administrators can enable the feature in a group) “. WABetaInfo stated.

Once available, the “Delete Message” function will be accompanied by an on / off button and users will be able to choose a specific time – 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year – for messages to disappear automatically.

Users who have signed up for the Google Play beta program can download the latest version. They can also manually update the application by downloading it from the APK file available on the APK Mirror platform.

According to WABetaInfo, the function will initially be available only for group chats and can be enabled by group administrators. Once enabled, the function can be switched to contact information or group settings.

WhatsApp Call Waiting Support:

In the updated version 2.19.120, WhatsApp introduced support for call waiting. Currently, the update is only available for iPhone users. The Android update will be available soon, according to reports. In this update, users will be able to receive another WhatsApp call while they are already on one call.

Previously, recipients did not receive a call alert notification and alerted the user to a “Missed Call” after disconnecting the current call. On the other hand, the caller learned that the recipient was busy when the application showed the message “On Another Call” when the caller tried to call.

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