Introducing Citizens App

Context eChallan

The App is developed for the Citizens of the City. By installing the app, you will be able to register by using your Mobile Number and register/update all of the vehicles you own. This app will allow you to keep track of all the challans issued for vehicle related violations and pay the dues through Online Payment Method.

Through the app, you can view/submit any Traffic Violation you come across. This app is designed to help the users and the Police team to regulate in a mannered way and you as a citizen should follow the Traffic Rules and Obey the Road Safety protocols to avoid the threat of being caught for traffic violation.

Violations & Incidents


Riding Triple Seat
Riding without Helmet
Driving without Seat Belt
Crossing Red Signal
Crossing Stop Line
Using Mobile While Driving/Riding
Parking Violation
Fancy Number Plate
Any Other


Oil Spill
Vehicle Break Down
Water Logging
Tree Fall obstructing the traffic
Road Rage
Any Other

App Features

This app will provide update and relevant data about your vehicles
By following the rules one can avoid eChallan fines and recovery
You will receive all the updates on your registered phone number and email
Real time notification for any eChallan issued against you
Receive real time general notifications and updates issued by the Police
Push notification reminders to clear your unpaid challan
You can check and track the action taken about the complaint filed by you

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