What is an Android Application?


Android is the most widespread operating system for mobile devices and tablets. It is an open-source software platform owned by Google and is open to developers of all skills, from beginners to professionals.

Android is a Linux-based operating system used in phones and tablets. It includes a touchscreen user interface, widgets, camera, network data monitor, and everything else that requires your phone to be named smartphone.

Android is primarily regarded as a mobile operating system. However, this isn't limited to mobile devices alone. It is currently used in various devices such as cell phones, tablets, portable and wearable devices, and televisions. The main advantage of Android is that users have many choices. There is a multitude of devices that use Android as their operating system.

Currently, more than 75% of mobile phone users are Android users. Therefore, the development of applications on this platform is a valuable proposal for organizations around the world. This helps them reach a wider audience and gain popularity.

Custom Android App Development Agency in the USA


We understand that every business has its own needs, its own modes of service and its audience. That’s why we’ve integrated fully customized plans to meet your business goals to build smart, responsive and engaging Android apps.

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Our experienced Android app developers can help you create Android apps that meet your business needs and requirements with the look, feel, and functionality you are looking for.

Why Choose SetBlue for Android App Development Services

  • We develop custom Android apps and project methodologies
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  • Flexible, scalable and secure applications across a wide range of industries
  • Applications tailored for the evolving OS platform to satisfy market demands for the future.

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