What is an E-Catalog?


An e-catalogue or electronic brochure is a web resource that provides information about a company’s products, services, or business profile and can be shared digitally and easily distributed or downloaded in form of an e-book or e-catalogue from your website.

E-catalog is the latest solution for efficient and effective display of company profiles. It can reach your target audience in seconds. You don't need to print stacks of catalogs or ask for distribution help.

In order for your business to achieve higher sales, it is important that your customers know about the products and services you offer. Your website may contain all the information, but sometimes you will need to provide it outside of the website. An electronic or e-catalogue is used here.

SetBlue is a professional e-catalog design company based in India, catering our services to clients in the USA, UK, Canada, and worldwide. We can help you promote your products and services and create e-catalogs that can achieve higher conversions.

How can SetBlue help your business design e-catalog?


Catalogs are in themselves an effective marketing medium, but if they are not sold, it is very difficult to convey your point. For this they need to be designed properly. If you want to promote your service or product outside of your website, you need an efficient e-catalog design.

SetBlue offers a customized e-catalog design solution for businesses. We follow your communication guidelines defined by your company, such as colours, typography, styles, etc. so that the final design of your e-catalogue corresponds to your communication goals.

We have a team of professionals who continue to provide experience in designing digital catalogs that make websites more attractive and convenient. The main advantage of designing digital catalogues for the Web is that you can store your products, orders, customers or information at any time from any device connected to the Internet.

Why Choose SetBlue for Digital Catalog Design Services?

  • Fast deployment
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy options like add, delete, edit, etc.
  • Product classification and product details
  • Download/upload product images
  • Reduces data entry time and manufacturing costs.
  • Does not require paper-based publications.
  • Catalogue update
  • View and operate online/offline.
  • Easy to share and distribute.
  • Static catalogue design.
  • Dynamic catalogue
  • Online promotion, with catalogue

We strive to provide sleek looks, eye-catching images and smart designs in our digital catalogs. We appreciate the diversity that companies need to improve their products. As a leading graphic and web design company, our expert team analyzes edited accounts and designs or prints custom catalogue designs.