Project Overview:

Not all fat loss journeys are the same. In fact, many people start their individualized weight loss journey with absolutely no idea what to expect, which is why here at Deficit we use a scientific approach to tailor each meal plan based on your goals and needs. Each meal plan is tailored to you and changed daily/weekly based on your progress. You have the ability to choose your own recipes. All you need to do is enter in the ingredients (while being mindful of portion sizes) and our dietitians will tell you how much or how little you’ll need for your next meal. Speak directly with your coach through the app, track your progress, enjoy unlimited changes to your meal plans.
Deficit believe that the idea of “perfection” shouldn’t be used to describe lifestyles, health, food and drink — it should be used to shape and mold one’s mind. That’s why Deficit strives to take perfection as an opportunity to build a healthy relationship with food, sleep and water.
Our team was able to design and develop a custom iOS app that can be used with the client’s core product and simplify managing the sales, payments, customer-onboarding as well as analyzing data anywhere anytime. We worked with them to create a custom backend system that would correlate with their app and product.

Deficit App
Mobile App Design and Development