Project Overview:

Himanee Fashion is a brand that offers Indian ethnic wear for women who care about the environment. They started with a simple goal: to make products that are sustainable, high quality, and affordable. They are known for manufacturing high quality and eco-friendly Indian ethnic wear for women like Salwar suits and Kurti sets at the best wholesale prices with sustainability.
For over 30 years, Himanee Fashion products and services have been paving the way for the future. They are dedicated to preserving Indian heritage through the clothing they create. All the products that they create resemble the classic collection of timeless designs and versatility with an aesthetically appealing range of fabrics and applique work.
We were tasked with building a website that was both futuristic and timeless. The website was crafted to give a very clean look, the visuals were kept compelling, relevant and minimalistic. Our effort was to tell a compelling story through each and every design facet. We worked to retain the Himanee Fashion pride through the designs and content and help visitors look at their fashion heritage.

Website Design and Development