Project Overview:

It’s pretty amazing when you stop and think about it. You can post photos, videos and stories about your dog and watch as thousands of other dog lovers share the experiences with your pet. It’s truly inspiring, but in some ways it’s also a little surprising. It seems like there should be more dog lovers on the internet — if only we could find each other. And that’s exactly why CeedarPaws is created: to connect people who are passionate about dogs.
This site is helping thousands of people across Australia to connect with other dog owners. Whether you are crazy about dogs or simply want to make it easier for dog owners to connect with each other, Ceedarpaws can help you reach your goals.
Our team of designers and developers made sure to apply our thinking hats and approach the design solution with a matter of fact attitude. We kept the client’s key objectives top of mind and designed, developed, tested and deployed the product in record time.

Mobile App Design and Development