Project Overview:

Despite being one of the most advanced energy options out there, solar energy is still a very confusing topic for a lot of people. People commonly misunderstand how it works, fail to consider all their options and end up not installing solar panels on the basis that they feel they don’t understand enough about them to make an informed decision. At Oz Solar, they want the customers to be able to make a fully-informed decision when choosing whether or not they invest in solar power.
Oz solar needs exists to help you start living the solar way, so that you can feel great about going solar and start seeing benefits right away. The team is dedicated to making sure that quality is built into everything they do and that all the customers always receive the best products and services, keeping them informed every step of the way. All of the company’s installers have undergone rigorous training through the clean energy council.
As a part of our ongoing project with OZ Solar, SetBlue has again delivered a thoroughly professional website. The website is created on the responsive theme to ensure accessibility across all digital devices and has been developed using latest web technology. This is a very detailed and well-presented website that will be useful for their international clients.

OZ Solar Needs
Website Design and Development