Project Overview:

The project aims to create a network of Syrian refugees (leaders) who will work on promoting democratic values and human rights among their compatriots in Jordan. This will be achieved by political education for the leaders, which will provide them with knowledge about liberal values, principles and ideas. The leaders will then be able to pass their knowledge by conducting political education activities directed at the target group.

Since 2014 FNF has worked with the first members of “Syria’s Leading Team”, a core group of Syrian refugees in Jordan. And since then more Syrian refugees started joining FNF’s team until they became “Syria’s Leading Team”.

What we did with the website is giving it a look of a great venue. We used images and videos to make the website more alive and dynamic. When we started out, the client was just picking up the pace and was expanding to other states as well. Scenes from Home is a website that organizes performing and fine arts events throughout the country. They also give an opportunity to all the local artist to showcase their talent through their platform.

Scenes From Home
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