Project Overview:

Surat Bariatrics is a center dedicated to treatment of morbid obesity and related illnesses. It is a center for bariatric surgery and metabolic disorders. The team at Surat Bariatrics, led by Dr Ram Raksha Pal Rajput, is one of the most experienced bariatric surgical teams in India, having performed more than 500 successful surgeries so far.

When SetBlue was approached on to build the website for Dr. Ram Raksha Pal Rajput, they knew they had their work cut out for them. They needed to update the site’s aesthetic and functionality while maintaining the integrity of the hospital’s brand. SetBlue tried to reinforce the promises established by the brand over the past years through website building and content strategy. The team created a digital environment that constantly anticipates and responds to the needs of the site visitors.

Surat Bariatrics
Website Design and Development