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Introducing the Magento 2 Next Previous Product Extension by SetBlue

In the world of e-commerce, a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience is paramount. Your customers’ ability to quickly navigate through your product catalogue can make or break a sale. In Magento 2’s default settings, one common issue arises – when users are on a product page and wish to view the next product or the previous one, they are required to backtrack to the category page, a time-consuming and less-than-ideal experience. To address this problem, we present the Magento 2 Next-Previous Product extension developed by SetBlue.

Enhancing User Experience

Our Next-Previous Product extension is designed to enhance the shopping experience for both you and your customers. This feature-rich extension offers a host of benefits and innovative features to make browsing your online store more enjoyable and efficient.


Highlight Features:

  • One-Click Navigation:

With our Magento 2 extension, your customers can seamlessly navigate between products in the same collection. The extension adds convenient “Next” and “Previous” buttons on each product page, ensuring that customers can explore your catalogue effortlessly with just one click.

  • Product Image Preview:

It’s all in the details. To make the navigation process even more intuitive, the extension displays the image of the previous or next product when customers hover over the respective button. This feature provides a quick glimpse of what’s coming next, enticing users to keep exploring.

  • Custom Sorting:

Tailor your product navigation to your specific needs. The extension allows you to arrange products in ascending or descending order, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

What You Get:

  • Advanced Features:

By integrating the Magento 2 Next-Previous Product extension into your store, you gain access to advanced features that will set your online shop apart. Your customers will enjoy an upgraded shopping experience with seamless product navigation.

  • Improved Buying Experience:

A better buying experience translates to satisfied customers. This extension makes it easier for customers to find products they love and encourages them to explore more of your catalogue.

  • Encourage Browsing:

With Next-Previous buttons readily available, your customers are more likely to explore other products in your collection. This increased interaction can lead to higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Time Savings:

We understand the value of your customers’ time. By eliminating the need to backtrack to category pages, you’re helping your customers save time and effort, which can lead to higher customer retention rates.

  • Better Conversion Rates:

The enhanced user experience provided by our Next-Previous Product extension can lead to better conversion rates. Happy, engaged customers are more likely to complete their purchases and return for future shopping.

Make the most of your Magento 2 store with the Magento 2 Next-Previous Product extension by SetBlue. Elevate your customers’ shopping experience, encourage exploration, and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Additional information

Supported Versions

Magento 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Created On

02 October 2023