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Tublite is a highly intuitive and user-friendly Vue.js Admin and Dashboard Template, perfect for developers. Not only is this template fully responsive

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Tublite is a highly intuitive and user-friendly Vue.js Admin and Dashboard Template, perfect for developers. Not only is this template fully responsive, but it is also packed with numerous modern elements and useful components that make creating and managing admin dashboards an effortless experience.

For any vue.js administrator or dashboard template, our selection of plugins is an invaluable resource. Not only is this fully responsive Vue Admin and Dashboard template highly accessible, downloading and installing is straightforward – as our comprehensive documentation will illustrate.

It has an incredibly well-designed Vue and Bootstrap admin template that is super clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Not only is the vue dashboard fully responsive, but its design is also compatible with all web browsers, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, and all other smartphones, using the powerful and well-known Bootstrap admin dashboard design.

Our Vue Admin Dashboard Template is the perfect solution for any web developer. With a sleek, clean design and fully responsive layout, our template ensures an optimal viewing experience on any device. This template has been carefully crafted with a variety of widths, positions, and modes so that you can easily customize your own dashboard. Whether you’re creating a new app or refining an existing one, this template is sure to make your life easier!

This vue admin template is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a modern and professional looking dashboard. This powerful template comes with many useful features including detailed analytics, charts, data visualization tools, an intuitive user interface and more. With its clean and minimal design, you will be able to quickly get your projects up and running. Plus, all future updates are free of charge! Make your job easier with this vue admin template that comes with lifetime FREE updates.

Vue Dashboard Template Features and most usable plugins

  • vue-routing
  • Material Design Icons
  • Attractive Charts using Chartjs
  • boxed style, fixed and scrollable features.
  • vue-trix form editors
  • vue-star-rating
  • vue full calender
  • date and month picker
  • vue-chartjs
  • vue-tags-input
  • mdi font
  • bootstrap
  • bootstrap-vue
  • vee-validate
  • bootstrap-vue-treeview
  • chart.js
  • chartist
  • font-awesome
  • node-sass
  • sass-loader
  • simple-line-icons
  • v-clipboard
  • vue-context-v2
  • vue-full-calendar
  • vue-gallery
  • vue-good-wizard
  • vue-google-charts
  • vue-kanban
  • vue-router
  • vue-simple-scrollbar
  • vue-sorted-table
  • vue-sweetalert2
  • vue2-ace-editor
  • vue2-datepicker
  • vue2-dragula
  • vue2-google-maps
  • vuelidat


  • Vue
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass

What do you get?

  • CSS Files
  • SCSS Files
  • Vue Components Files
  • JS Files
  • Starter kit