How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Website?

We are currently living in an online world and therefore a strong and functional online presence is required for every business. And for having an online presence, developing a website is important, regardless of the type and size of the business. Now, when creating a website, the first question that comes to mind is how much does it costs to develop a website.

Currently, there are a total of more than 1.7 billion websites and new ones are constantly being added, contributing to their daily growth. Now, when you’re planning to create a website for your business, the cost of building a website is one of the most important factors in this regard. But the exact cost is something that is the most difficult to find. The actual cost is very difficult to find.

Let’s take a look at a few factors that determine the cost of developing a website

The costs of website development depend on a number of factors listed below.

Website Type:

We all know, not all websites are developed the same way. The website development costs mainly depend heavily on the type of site you are building. A simple blog is much simpler to set up than an online store or website for a small business. The price of building the website depends on the level of complexity involved in developing the website.

Domain and Hosting:

Every presence on the web needs a home and an address that you can reach. Now, in terms of websites, it’s actually a server and a web domain. You can get them yourself or acquire them as part of website design and development service. Domain and hosting involve a fair amount of prices which adds to the cost of building the website.

Basic Technology:

All websites are based on some other types of background software. It can be pure HTML or PHP files, a content management system like WordPress or something else, or open-source e-commerce platforms like Magento and OpenCart. Now, depending on the choice of users, the cost of creating the website will be different.


The basic technology isn’t everything to build a website. Depending on the functionality required, users may also need additional plugins, third-party applications or services, many of which will cost money and which are exactly where the overall costs of the website development differ.

Configuration, Design & Development:

The development of a website does not only concern the acquisition of the parts, but at the same time, each part must be correctly assembled. Now, this assembly can be done by the owners themselves or they can hire someone else to do it. Now, when a service provider is hired, they have to pay them accordingly, which will increase the costs of building a website.


Finally, website maintenance arrives. It is not enough to create a website, but it is also extremely important to keep the website in good condition. Therefore, ongoing maintenance costs, as well as marketing charges, are also part of the overall cost of building the website.

Cost of Building the Website

If you want to reduce the cost of the website, you have to look forward to the means to save more. Here we have listed some ways in which you can get an idea of the cost of building a website.

Do It Yourself

Doing it all by yourself is definitely the cheapest way to build a website. Even if you can’t program, there is enough technology that allows you to create a website without coding like open sources content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. Now when you are able to create the website, the cost is hosting and domain, which will significantly reduce the cost of creating the website.

Hire A Freelancer

If you are unable to build a website yourself, hiring a freelancer would be the next cheaper option. This would certainly prove to be a profitable option for building a website. Depending on the experience and the freelance portfolio has taken on, the cost will vary.

Hire an Agency

Finally, you can partner with an agency to build the website. The cost of building the website would be higher when you hire an agency to do the job. The cost of website development will increase a bit more with the experience, trust, reputation and reliability of the agency hired to create a website.

Now you have a clear idea of what the cost of building a website would be, what factors influence it and how you can reduce the cost of building a website.

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Do you know how much does it cost to develop a website? This article highlights the major factors that determines website development costs.